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What's New In Investments, Funds? - iM, OYSTER,

Editorial Staff, 13 July 2020


The latest in funds and investment news from across the world.

iM Global Partner
iM Global Partner has launched the US Small and Mid Company Growth fund as part of the OYSTER range that iM bought from Switzerland’s SYZ Group earlier this year.

The fund is managed by Polen Capital. The strategy targets high-quality small and medium-sized companies with attractive growth characteristics, predictable cash flows, and sustainable high returns on capital. The strategy seeks to benefit from both the inherent growth advantage of investing early in a company's lifecycle and long-term compounding. 

The OYSTER US Small and Mid Company Growth fund replaces the OYSTER US Selection fund on the platform, allowing European investors to access a new strategy focusing on small- and mid-size US equities almost at the same time as it is made available to US investors, iM said in a statement.

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