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Boutique Serving HNW Advisors Officially Launches In Pennsylvania

Eliane Chavagnon, Reporter , 14 September 2012


Legacy Capitals, the independent consulting, coaching and training boutique, has formally launched in New Hope, PA, and plans to open its doors in Princeton, NJ, in the near future.

Legacy Capitals is led by president and chief executive Dr Richard Orlando and serves corporate executives, professional athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, advisors and wealthy individuals and families.

The firm offers an array of services to advisors and their HNW/UHNW clients, including:

  • Training advisors and leaders in building teams and helping their clients transfer wealth to the next generation;
  • Family meetings to address topics such as best practices, family values, goal-setting and family governance;
  • Family wealth coaching to assist parents with multi-generational planning;
  • Individual coaching for high-profile athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs and executives;
  • Next-generation workshops covering topics such as value-based decision-making, identifying and following passions and managing personal brand, and;
  • Couples workshops designed for those who have created and/or inherited their wealth.

Prior to founding Legacy Capitals, Dr Orlando spent 15 years at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he provided legacy services to ultra-wealthy families and their advisors. There, he also provided practice management consulting and training to advisors and business leaders.

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