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Taking A Tour Around Digital Assets - Two Webinars

Editorial Staff

19 March 2021

The fast-expanding world of digital assets, such as bitcoin, and how they should fit into portfolios was discussed in two recent webinars involving this publication in association with .

Both panels – one pitched at the Asia market, and the other at Europe – featured Anatoly Crachilov, founding partner and CEO, at Nickel Digital Asset Management. (Crachilov has also recently spoken to this news service in an interview on his investment views – see here). In the Asia panel, other speakers were Anndy Lian, inter-governmental blockchain advisor, and Evrard Bordier, managing partner ant CEO at . 

Both webinars addressed the question of why and how bitcoin has arisen, the best way of defining it, and what part it plays in the portfolios of high net worth clients. The panellists also discussed why digital assets are now becoming more mainstream, and what the future may hold. 

Both webinars last an hour and, as readers can see, there is so much more left to discuss. Consequently, this publication's editorial team intends to continue tracking this sector from a wealth management viewpoint. 

The editors are keen to hear from the wealth sector about its views, so do please contact if you have follow-up comments.