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New Research: Outsourcing Intelligence For Financial Institutions

Wendy Spires

16 May 2022

Operational innovation has become a top priority for financial institutions as they face a tough combination of margin pressures, growing competition from new players and ever more exacting clients. And, as minds open up to new ways of working, one path is trodden with growing enthusiasm: outsourcing. 

Even firms which may have previously preferred to keep operations entirely in-house are now exploring their options to outsource some (if not the bulk, often) of their back and middle-office processes. We’re even seeing outsourcing applied to client-facing activities as the trust in – and even prestige – of outsourcing providers grows. There is no denying, however, that opting to outsource is a significant strategic decision where things can go awry; that not all providers are equal; and that outsourcing arrangements have to be carefully calibrated if they are to deliver the intended benefits to the business, along with its personnel and clients.

These themes form the backdrop to WealthBriefing’s latest thought-leadership collaboration with FIS Platform Securities, which includes an on-demand webinar, a global survey and an expert commentary paper discussing its findings, all under the banner of “Outsourcing Intelligence for Financial Institutions,” which are available for complimentary access now. 

Fast-tracking to best practices    
As the title suggests, this webinar and paper are intended to help institutions fast-track to outsourcing best practices and they do so by distilling the wisdom of a panel of experts who represent the view of financial institutions, consultancies and outsourcing providers themselves. Our global survey results also provide an invaluable benchmarking tool for firms wishing to know how they compare with their peers on this important topic.

As one might expect, “Outsourcing Intelligence for Financial Institutions” covers attitudes and drivers for outsourcing and business process outsourcing (BPO), which activities are good candidates for these and what the barriers facing firms might be. More unusually perhaps, we also take a deep dive into pragmatic matters such as how long outsourcing contracts should be, when Return on Investment should really manifest and what the provider attributes are that institutions should be focusing on as they navigate this increasingly crowded market. 

Our complimentary on-demand webinar and research paper are essential resources for executives seeking the latest intelligence on outsourcing approaches and selecting providers. Access them now for cutting-edge insights from:

•    John Beeston, CEO, FIS Platform Securities Holdings Ltd – UK Wealth Management;
•    Sarah Soar, CEO, Hawksmoor Investment Management;
•    Iain Willis, Director, Quai Administration Services; and
•    Ian Woodhouse, Lead Wealth Management Transformation and Thought Leader for Europe, Accenture Wealth and Asset Management