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Compliance Corner – ID-Pal, UK Launch

Editorial Staff

16 May 2022

, an Ireland-based identity verification provider, has formally entered the UK market. It already supports firms in more than 30 sectors, across Ireland, the US, EU and UK. Clients include enterprises such as Grant Thornton and Zurich International, as well as firms such as UK Adviser and Trust My Travel. 

Led by founder and chief executive, Colum Lyons, ID-Pal has developed a fully customisable solution for identity and address verification to protect businesses against these risks. 

The firm said that its offerings can be configured for any jurisdiction or legal requirement in any language in a few minutes. It offers coverage of more than 6,000 identity documents across 200 countries and jurisdictions. It uses biometric, facial matching, liveness testing, address verification and document checks.

The accelerated move to online working and services during the pandemic, coupled with growth in new compliance rules – sometimes confusing – has made businesses and customers vulnerable to reputational damage and loss of money from crime, ID-Pal said.

“The way in which identity verification has been done historically is just not sustainable in our digital-first mobile-ready world. Verifying identity documents manually is inefficient and insecure, and the risk of data flight and simple human error can make businesses vulnerable to fraud,” Lyons said.