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15 January 2021

How A Crisis Prompts Relocation – The Case For The Balearic Islands

The author of this article – an international tax barrister – makes the case for people to...

22 December 2020

Bahamas Praised Over AML, Counter-Terrorism Regime Progress

The FATF said the jurisdiction has made progress with its regime for combatting money laundering...

17 December 2020

How The British Virgin Islands Stand Over Beneficial Ownership

We talk to the CEO of BVI Finance about the jurisdiction's approach to publicly accessible...

16 December 2020

Court Reportedly Throws Wrench Into Beneficial Ownership Debate

A lawyer campaigning to protect financial privacy says a Luxembourg court has taken an important...

10 December 2020

Guernsey Eyes Change To Private Investment Fund Regime

Introduced in Guernsey in November 2016, the entity has been used by new and existing fund...

2 December 2020

Why More Wealth Firms Move Onshore

Certain "onshore" financial centres are attracting more wealth management action, driven by...

30 November 2020

Explain Yourself! How Courts Think About Unexplained Wealth Orders

Unexplained Wealth Orders have garnered much attention for their role in curbing the flow of dirty...

25 November 2020

British Virgin Islands Lauds Think Tank's Beneficial Ownership Stance

Public registers of beneficial ownership come in different forms and the subject remains...

23 November 2020

It Pays To Have Backup Plans: "Golden Visas" And HNW Americans

There was a moment in a James Bond film where "Q" tells the famous agent to "always have a backup...

11 November 2020

Former Google CEO Uses Cyprus "Golden Visa" - Report

Ironically, the Cyprus “golden visa” scheme was put on temporary hold a few weeks ago following...

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16 November 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Non-Doms And The Brexit Dimension

The UK government has significantly changed the operation of the non-domicile rules. The Brexit...

22 June 2016

INTERVIEW: Caribbean Jurisdictions And Citizenship By Investment

A specialist on citizenship by investment discusses the programmes offered by Dominica, Grenada and...

3 May 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: The Panama Papers - How Not To Hold Assets Offshore

A prominent US lawyer takes aim at the continuing drama around the Panama Papers. ...

15 April 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: After Panama - Why Offshore Centres Must Be Defended

A prominent lawyer working in the field of international financial centres steps up to defend...

11 April 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: The Panama Papers And How To Treat "Persons With Significant Control"

"Persons with significant control" is a term of increasing relevance, and relates to who is in...

4 April 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: There Is Plenty Of Life Left In Switzerland's Financial Sector

This article argues that the Alpine state retains a number of strengths that will enable its...

16 March 2016

NEWS ANALYSIS: Brexit And What It Might Mean For Britain's Offshore Cousins

If the UK votes to get out of the EU, how will this affect offshore jurisdictions with links to...

20 October 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Dubai's Wills, Probate Registry Elicits "Tremendous Response", Boosts Financial Hub - Conference

A new registry in Dubai which allows non-Muslims to handle wealth transfer under English Common Law...

7 September 2015

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cyprus Reforms Tax Code With Echoes Of UK's Non-Dom Regime

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus was in financial crisis a few years ago. Now the country (the...

14 February 2014

Swiss Private Banking Industry Unamused At Immigration Vote, Warns On Costs

The Swiss banking industry is unhappy over the recent anti-immigration vote in the country but has...