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25 April 2022

What It Takes To Be A Modern Wealth Manager

With trends as varied as digital technology, hybrid working, sustainability, diversity and...

22 April 2022

Does The CI Financial IPO Make Sense?

This news service casts an eye over the recent splurge of wealth management acquisitions by...

12 April 2022

Mediobanca Private Bank Positions For New Wealth

This news service spoke to the head of the Italian lender's private banking arm, asking about...

29 March 2022

Retaining Female Wealth Managers – What's Being Done?

Following on from this publication’s recent examination of how wealth managers are improving the...

16 March 2022

Citigroup Offers Sun, Sea And Limited Hours In Talent Battle – Media

The US bank has hit on a novel way to attract and retain talent. ...

24 February 2022

Wealth Managers' Challenge Over Talent Gaps, Rising Costs – Multrees CEO

We talk to Chris Fisher, CEO of Multrees, about the cost pressures, fight for talent and other...

16 February 2022

HSBC's Private Bank To Add New Zurich Teams – Report

The move to bring in new teams in the country comes as HSBC's private bank also shifts some support...

8 February 2022

Barclays Agrees To Take On African Clients From Credit Suisse – Report

Credit Suisse, which is ceasing to serve clients in nine African countries, has agreed to pass them...

26 January 2022

Invest Now In Workforce Intelligence

Firms such as private banks, wealth managers and others need workforce methods and tools to handle...

19 January 2022

BlackRock's Fink Lauds "Power Of Capitalism;" Says It's Not Going "Woke"

The CEO of the asset management behemoth set out his views on how capitalism can be a "catalyst"...

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4 April 2022

Financial Services – What Will Digital Marketing Look Like This Year?

In 2022, financial service companies are being pushed to significantly bolster their digital...

18 March 2022

Recruiting, Retaining Female Wealth Managers – What’s Being Done?

As more women are becoming high net worth individuals, the business case for recruiting and keeping...

31 January 2022

Rebuilding Trust, Respect For Financial Services

Advisors have had to completely change how they engage with clients over the past two years because...

24 December 2021

Editorial Comment: Reflections On Another Turbulent Year, Looking Ahead

Some late-December musings about what the year has meant for the industry and thoughts about what...

1 December 2021

Editorial Analysis: Credit Suisse's Wealth Pivot

This news service looks back to the bank's Q3 results and strategy update. We look at the wealth...

9 November 2021

Connecting With Younger HNW Clients - What Are Private Banks Doing?

We take a look at what a large European bank is doing to attract younger clients, as well as what...

31 August 2021

A Heavyweight Regional Presence Counts For Coutts

We talked to the CEO of Coutts about how its regional strategy and relationship with its parent...

27 July 2021

All Aboard The Regional Wealth Train: More UK Perspectives

We continue our coverage of wealth management firms’ UK regional strategies. For this article, we...

19 July 2021

A UK Regional Footprint Builds Credibility - Julius Baer International's CEO

In this article we interview the CEO of Julius Baer International, David Durlacher, about his...

14 June 2021

The UK's Regional Wealth Promise - An Overview

There's plenty of wealth management potential outside the M25 corridor. The government's...