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26 April 2021

US Capital Gains Tax Rumours Put Investors On Edge

The wealth management sector is waking up to the reality that in a matter of days, if not weeks,...

26 February 2021

Paying For The Pandemic: What UK Wealth Managers Might Expect

The UK government sets out its tax and spending agenda on 3 March. In these extraordinary times, it...

8 January 2021

America's Political Landscape Goes Blue: Wealth Managers React

Wealth managers, economists and fund managers talk about the implications of the Georgia election...

10 December 2020

UK Think Tank's Wealth Tax Plan Draws Frowns, Some Applause

The UK Treasury has spent £280 billion ($374.8 billion) this year fighting the pandemic, raising...

17 November 2020

Capital Gains Tax Could Change: Time To Act

There is no certainty that recent proposals to increase CGT and expand its scope will be...

13 November 2020

Wealth Industry Hammers UK Capital Gains Tax Proposals

Proposals to change the UK's capital gains tax system will, private client advisors and academics...

12 November 2020

Advisors Frown On Proposed UK Capital Gains Tax Changes

Proposals to "simplify" the CGT regime in the UK are giving some private client advisors heartburn...

20 August 2020

It's Business As Usual For UK's Non-Dom Regime Despite Slip

The death of the UK’s non-domiciled system has been greatly exaggerated, so the authors of this...

20 August 2020

Editor's Summer Picks: Hackers Threaten Global Account-Sharing Pacts, Law Firm Warns

As the summer vacation season - in this most extraordinary of years - gets under way and some of...

12 August 2020

UK Tax Authorities Widen Footballer Tax Net - Report

The issue centres around how clubs use image rights of players to take advantage of differences...

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4 May 2020

Super-Rich Increasingly Under Attack Amid Coronavirus Crisis

What should ultra-high net worth individuals think and how should they act if coronavirus-driven...

25 February 2019

China's New Tax Regime - What Clients, Advisors Must Know

At the start of this year China introduced new controls affecting private individuals, such as...

20 December 2018

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let's Have Consistency In How HNW Individuals Are Treated

The UK government reportedly favours high-earners and persons from certain countries under a new...

12 December 2018

A Right Royal Headache: Taxing Americans Abroad

When even a member of the British monarchy comes under the net of the US tax authority it reminds...

21 August 2018

Financial Affairs No Longer Side-Issue For Soccer Stars

This publication interviewed a senior wealth planning consultant at Lombard International about...

3 August 2018

How To Have Your Avocado And Eat It (With The Help Of Mum And Dad)

Two figures at law firm Thomson, Snell and Passmore have written an article discussing the tax...

2 March 2018

Unexplained Wealth Orders - A New UK Tool That Could Be Misused?

A barrister examines the new powers of UK tax authorities to go after people with assets that...

4 December 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Where Enterprise Investment Schemes Go After UK Budget

The recent UK autumn budget affected a number of areas, including that of the Enterprise Investment...

9 November 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: The UK's New Anti-Tax Evasion Regime - Guilty Until Somehow Proven Innocent

This article explores how tax evasion, now treated as a strict-liability offence in UK law, raises...

7 November 2017

Using Offshore Structures Is Not Illegal, But Stealing Private Data Is - Tax Expert

A leading UK tax lawyer has sounded off about this week's "Paradise Papers", highlighting the...