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2 November 2021

A Nudge In The Wrong Direction From The UK's Tax Collector?

The authors look at how HM Revenue & Customs sifts through information to chase people who it...

29 October 2021

Data Protection Clash With US FATCA - A London Lawsuit

Mishcon de Reya, the law firm, has for some time argued that modern data protection rules raise...

28 October 2021

UK Budget And Spending Review: Reactions

A range of wealth managers, economists and private clients give their views on yesterday's Budget...

25 October 2021

Index Scores Most Tax-Competitive Jurisdictions

The index gives an update on how different jurisdictions in the OECD club of nations have adjusted...

22 October 2021

Bridging The IHT Gap: When Asset Rich, Cash Poor: Comment

Probate lending is a developing area. This practitioner explains what is available for HNW estates...

11 October 2021

Countries Agree Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate

Critics say the idea of an internationally agreed minimum corporate tax rate amounts to a sort of...

11 October 2021

Waiting For Tax Changes: What Can Wealth Advisors Do?

We talk to advisors at BNY Mellon Wealth Management in the US about what clients can and should do...

27 September 2021

German Elections - Wealth Industry Reactions

Wealth managers, ahead of the weekend's German elections, set out what is at stake for investors....

20 September 2021

Realising Crypto Gains Outside The UK

Any decision to leave the UK in order to benefit from a lower capital tax rate should be done with...

9 September 2021

Swiss Private Banks Applaud Proposed End To Bond Taxes

Finance and banking industry figures think the changes may persuade many foreign companies to...

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8 November 2021

Women And Wealth: Minimising The Inheritance Tax Burden

This practitioner examines the knowledge gap between women and men where IHT is concerned; and what...

26 October 2021

Undisclosed Digital Assets? - Decision Time Is Now

Anyone who bought into the idea that cryptocurrencies - aka digital assets - such as bitcoin cannot...

25 June 2021

Do The Super-Rich Really Only Pay A 3.4 Per Cent Tax Rate?

The group called ProPublica recently claimed that data on America's 25 richest people showed that...

24 June 2021

Scientist's Tax Offset Delivers Cultural, Family Value

Sometimes objects and their owners have earned a special place in our history and national life....

15 June 2021

Why Entrepreneurs Contemplate Leaving Germany - Commentary

Germany holds national elections in September, and opinion polls point towards the ascent of...

27 May 2021

A Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate - Smart Policy Or "Tax Cartel"?

Setting a global minimum corporate tax rate among major industrialised nations has the certain...

4 May 2020

Super-Rich Increasingly Under Attack Amid Coronavirus Crisis

What should ultra-high net worth individuals think and how should they act if coronavirus-driven...

25 February 2019

China's New Tax Regime - What Clients, Advisors Must Know

At the start of this year China introduced new controls affecting private individuals, such as...

20 December 2018

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let's Have Consistency In How HNW Individuals Are Treated

The UK government reportedly favours high-earners and persons from certain countries under a new...

12 December 2018

A Right Royal Headache: Taxing Americans Abroad

When even a member of the British monarchy comes under the net of the US tax authority it reminds...