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Updated Forward Features Schedule

Editorial Staff, 20 December 2019


This is a list of the topics the editors of this news service are tracking over the coming 12 months. It is revised regularly.

This is a list of the topics the editors of this news service are tracking over the coming 12 months. It is revised regularly.

Below is our updated forward features list for the WealthBriefing and WealthBriefingAsia news services which runs until the middle of 2020. (There is a separate one for the Family Wealth Report publication which covers North America.) 

We hope this provides a useful guide to the range of subjects we plan to explore; the list is not, however, exhaustive and anyone who wants to suggest new topics should get in touch with the editor, Tom Burroughes tom.burroughes@wealthbriefing.com and deputy editor Jackie Bennion, at jackie.bennion@clearviewpublishing.com


"Protecting the client". We look at trends such as managing intergenerational wealth transfer, divorce and family breakups, guardianships and duty of care (including powers of attorney); reputation management and protecting privacy, such as in a modern digital environment; advice to high net worth immigrants regarding “citizenship-by-investment” programmes.

This month would see the firm draw from the annual tech & ops report, looking at issues such as developments around managing the client experience, onboarding, efficiencies, how to buy technology intelligently, etc.

We will look at the whole field of family offices, using material from Highworth, our partner in providing data on the sector. We intend to interview multi-family offices, investigate growth in different parts of the world, examine outsourcing, professionalization, direct investing, and governance, etc.

ESG investing. We take another look at these areas, going into specific topics: what is actually happening to reduce carbon emissions, or improve status of women in the workforce, improve how companies report their activities to shareholders and wider public? We also explore particular challenges such as availability of information, quality of reporting and the challenge of making these ideas work in countries with poor standards of governance. We continue to look at the ways that investment ideas are put into action, the role of private markets, the objectivity of reports and independent sources of information.

A look at impact investing, sustainability, other ideas on how to invest money for different reasons.

Talent management stories – talking to recruiters, MBA programme directors, HR bosses at banks, and others, about the changing requirements on future wealth managers, what is being done to develop new talent, deal with potential bottlenecks, etc.

Art and collectibles: a look at the area of collecting and investing in fine art and other specialised areas, both from the point of what clients want, and also to understand how wealth managers use these areas to engage with clients and retain their business. We aim to discusss these issues with practitioners in a number of financial centres.

The concierge sector. In the holiday season, this is an auspicious time to ask the organisations which work with HNW individuals how hey crafting solutions around luxury properties, excursions and holidays, experiences, as well as issues such as fixing healthcare and health problems, arranging travel (air, yachts, other) and handling logistics and physical security.

An examination of developments around know-your-client checks which wealth managers perform to screen clients; an examination of what is happening to enforce anti-money laundering controls, management of politically exposed persons (PEPs) and other important compliance challenges. The features will also examine the technologies used to aid managers and reduce the pain of compliance. 

We examine cybersecurity as an important challenge and risk management task for wealth managers around the world. This will examine new trends in protecting clients, better understanding of threats and best practice around educating clients, employees and business owners. 

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