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Latest News


Investment Strategies - 30 September 2020

Betting On Beat-Up Sectors: Nedgroup Shifts Exposures

Several parts of the global economy have been hurt by COVID-19. A fund that hunts for businesses that it thinks are attractively valued has recently loaded up on some of these affected sectors. ...


Reports - 30 September 2020

Swiss Bank Numbers Decline, Profits Rise

Data for the entire Swiss industry last year showed that the number of banks in Switzerland continues to contract, although overall profits rose in 2019. ...


Client Affairs - 30 September 2020

What Advisors Should Avoid When Working From Home

What does successfully working from home involve for wealth managers? This guest piece offers a useful guide for working with clients using different communication channels and maintaining links with co-workers...

Comment and Analysis


Family Office - 21 September 2020

Single Family Office Snapshots: Latest SFO Highlights

This publication is starting a new series, regularly examining the activities of single family offices outside the US. The material, with a peerless level of detail, comes from Highworth Research, the UK-based o...


M and A - 18 September 2020

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Possible Bank Mega-Merger

It may be a speculative story at this stage, but a recent report, quoting unnamed sources, saying that the heads of UBS and Credit Suisse were considering a possible merger has been one of the most-read articles...


Wealth Strategies - 17 September 2020

Tesla And The Widow-Maker Trade

The author of this commentary, who has penned a number of articles for this news service, examines the eye-catching share price developments and business progress of Tesla, and suggests how investors might treat...


Client Affairs - 11 September 2020

Footballer's Lives: Managing Their Money, Expectations

A former Manchester United footballer who has become a financial advisor talks to this news service about the challenges faced by professional sportsmen and women, particularly during the current environment. ...