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Investment Strategies
30 June 2021

Investment View: Concentrated In Hunt For Alpha - Blue Ocean

This news service spoke to a UK-based firm, Blue Ocean Investment Partners, which believes that concentrated portfolios, when managed correctly, should hold as few as 15 stocks, or even a smaller basket. ...

25 June 2021

Do The Super-Rich Really Only Pay A 3.4 Per Cent Tax Rate?

The group called ProPublica recently claimed that data on America's 25 richest people showed that some of them paid very little tax. It published masses of records about wealthy individuals, for example on Jeff ...

Fund Management
24 June 2021

Helping Professional Fund Investors Build A Proven Track Record

This publication recently interviewed SharingAlpha, a business that takes the ranking of funds and assessment of their track records to a new level, and thereby helps buyers of funds to get a clearer idea of the...

24 June 2021

Scientist's Tax Offset Delivers Cultural, Family Value

Sometimes objects and their owners have earned a special place in our history and national life. This guest piece looks at the full scope of an IHT scheme used by Stephen Hawking's estate to make valuable tax sa...

22 June 2021

Divorce And CGT - Tax At A Taxing Time

Divorce can be painful for all kinds of reasons. An added source of difficulty in reaching settlements can be capital gains tax. ...

21 June 2021

How To Hire Wealth Managers, Mitigate Restrictive Covenant Impact

How should wealth management firms hire wealth managers (often known as “CRMs”, client relationship managers) and their books of business? ...

Latest News

Investment Strategies
23 July 2021

Credit's Overlooked Hedge Against Inflation Risk

The writer of this articles says investors should consider leveraged loans as a tool to manage rising inflation risks to their portfolios. ...

23 July 2021

Digital Digest: The Latest Tech News - BNP Paribas, InvestCloud

The latest developments in financial products and investments from around the world. ...

M and A
23 July 2021

Deals Of The Day: The Latest In Wealth Management M&A - Close Brothers, State Street

The latest M&A deals in wealth and asset management. ...

Real Estate
23 July 2021

Sydney To Set Hottest Prime Property Price Pace - Knight Frank

Sydney is slated to be ahead of the pack of major cities' prime property markets in terms of price rises this year, and will match the fastest growth rate in 2022. ...

New Products
23 July 2021

What's New In Investments, Funds? US Debut For Viridi Crypto Mining ETF, Hamilton Lane

The latest offerings in investments, such as funds and structured products, and other notable developments. ...

Family Office
22 July 2021

Family Offices Ponder Inflation Risks, Prolonged Low Rates - Goldman Sachs

The report showed that, among other details, more than 90 per cent of respondents invested in venture capital, highlighting its popularity, and perhaps a sign of how "patient capitalists" are a good fit for VC. ...