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Digital Digest: The Latest Tech News - Sanlam UK

Editorial Staff, 27 July 2020


The latest developments in technology products and investments in the UK and globally.

Sanlam UK, the wealth management house, is rolling out a set of online advisor events which will allow users to rack up a structured certificate of professional development points.

The first session is to be led by Duncan Armstrong, co-founder of Armstrong Wealth, who will share his experience of building a centralised investment proposition for his clients. This event qualifies for one hour of structured CPD learning, Sanlam said in a statement. 

“The last few months have sharply highlighted ongoing changes in the demands facing advisors and the transformative role of technology,” Lawrence Cook, head of UK intermediary distribution, Sanlam, said.  

The business is part of South Africa-listed Sanlam Limited, an organisation created in 1918.

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