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The ESG Phenomenon - Credit Suisse

Editorial Staff, 26 October 2020


We gather developments and commentary in and around the ESG investment space.

Credit Suisse has partnered with a London-based investments network which explores how to make changes in society and the environment. The group is called Conduit Connect

The Swiss bank is also collaborating with Deloitte, the global accountancy firm, and international law practice Linklaters, it said in a statement late last week. 

Conduct Connect matches early-stage investment opportunities with potential investors, mentors and board members. Its platform finds impact-based companies stemming from the club’s wider community. The Credit Suisse link-up will widen the sphere of people in the Conduit network. 

Examples of Conduit Connect companies include CoGo, Cervest, The London Interdisciplinary School, Loop, Library of Things and MoM Incubators.

The bank said that it underscored its sustainability and impact credentials in July when it set up a new executive board corporate role: Sustainability, Research and Investment Solutions. This is led by Lydie Hudson.

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