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Trust Estate
26 September 2023

Protecting The Vulnerable – The Disaster Of Predatory Marriage

The author of this article argues the need for legal reform is "obvious" given that potentially...

19 September 2023

How To Unleash Top Investment Talent, Teams

Knowing how to keep the very best people engaged, planning appropriately for succession, upskilling...

Real Estate
18 September 2023

The Family Fund: Bank Of Mum And Dad 2.0

This article considers new ways in which people can enlist their parents' help towards paying...

Trust Estate
15 September 2023

Forging Wills: Avoiding Problems In A Digital Age

In the modern age, although technology is always progressing, the problem of forged and fraudulent...

Investment Strategies
13 September 2023

Inflation And What It Means For Asset Allocation, Markets

The author of this article argues that the resurgence of inflation and the recent interest rate...

12 September 2023

De-Risk Your Business Through Regulatory Resilience

The author of this article argues that when handled correctly, data privacy is not just about...

11 September 2023

Consumers Must Grasp Potential Pitfalls Of Using Unregulated Legal Advice

This article puts forward the case for customer awareness so that people make informed choices. In...

7 September 2023

In Dispute: When Battles Over Art Go Public

The problems caused by the financial difficulties or misconduct of art dealers can be far reaching....

Real Estate
7 September 2023

Dubai D33: Agenda Of Growth – Market Overview, Long-Term Outlook

Property prices have surged in Dubai, fuelled by intense demand for a variety of reasons. The...

6 September 2023

Advancing Wealth Management With A Digital Ecosystem

In his exploration of building "ecosystems" around digital technology and wealth management, the...

4 September 2023

A Focus On Native Digital Assets, Smart Tokens

The author of this article, who has already explained broad outlines of the world of digital...

Practice Strategies
29 August 2023

Custodian Or Creator? The Many Nuances Of The “Rising Gen” Of Wealth

A barely conceivable $53 trillion of wealth is held by Baby Boomers, who are passing on and whose...

18 August 2023

Bridging Risk-Based And Uncertainty-Based Approaches To AML/CFT Compliance – Part 2

In this article – the second of two parts – the author looks at two broad approaches to...

17 August 2023

Bridging Risk-Based And Uncertainty-Based Approaches To AML/CFT Compliance – Part 1

In this article – the first of two parts – the author looks at two broad approaches to...

15 August 2023

Consumer Duty Creates "Perfect Storm" For Wealth Management M&A

This article takes a look at how the new regime in the UK could fuel mergers and acquisitions and...

11 August 2023

Digital Assets Legal Reform – Is It Really Necessary?

Jurisdictions around the world are looking at how to regulate digital assets. The UK has set out...

Alt Investments
4 August 2023

Accessing Private Market: Why, What, and How?

A lot is said and written about private market investing. The question of how to execute these...

2 August 2023

Banking For Politically Exposed Persons In UK: Change On Horizon?

While there are proposals by the UK government to change the law on PEPs, and possibly remove some...

Investment Strategies
27 July 2023

Guest Article: Are ‘Defensives’ Really Defensive?

How easy or difficult is it to earn returns by investing in the consumer staples sector. The...

Practice Strategies
21 July 2023

Mistakes To Avoid For Clients Selling A Business

This article examines how businesses are sold, what the traps are for the unwary, the key steps to...