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Real Estate
28 March 2023

Helping Clients Use Investment Property For Retirement, Income Diversification

The CEO and founder of a US-based real estate business that harnesses technology talks about the...

17 March 2023

The Dangers Of Marriage For Older People

It's a hard fact that an ageing population gives rise to a variety of issues. When older people...

15 March 2023

Tax: A Reputational Risk Tightrope For HNW Individuals

This guest article explores the intersection of tax and reputation, and the attitudes that affect...

14 March 2023

The Global Fight Against Money Laundering – Where Are We Now?

The author of this article argues that until anti-money laundering is addressed consistently across...

7 March 2023

Everything, Everywhere All At Once – An Award-Winning Approach For Investment Managers?

The author of this piece, taking a metaphor from film industry awards shows, says delivery of...

29 March 2018

Lasting Power Of Attorney - What Users Should Know

This brief article outlines the steps that clients must consider in taking out lasting powers of...

Client Affairs
24 April 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST ARTICLE: UK Election 2015 – The Moderate Approach

Moderation is key as election uncertainty looms, says George King, managing director and head of...

Family Office
2 March 2015

EXCLUSIVE EXPERT VIEW: The Case For Having Family Governance Charters

In holding wealthy families together and ensuring smooth successions, what can be gained from...

Alt Investments
2 February 2015

Alternative Funds Face Communications Imperative

The hedge fund industry often comes in for a great deal of criticism - not always deserved -...

Investment Strategies
8 January 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST COMMENT: Are Conventional Asset Allocations Working Out For Investors?

There’s never a bad time to ensure portfolios are well-balanced and diversified. Given that the...

Investment Strategies
2 December 2014

EXPERT VIEW: How To Succeed In The Quest For Yield - BIL

Yves Kuhn, chief investment officer of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, explains how investors...

Alt Investments
24 July 2014

GUEST OPINION: Pressure On Drinking Water Supplies Is A Major Investment Opportunity

Managers at the RobecoSAM Sustainable Water Fund are, unsurprisingly, keen to bang the drum about...

Client Affairs
8 July 2014

GUEST COMMENT: Agency-Based Brokerage Leads Way In Avoiding Conflicts Of Interest

This item examines an issue that wealth managers at the sharp end of managing clients’ money must...

Asset Management
29 January 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Pictet Wealth Management On The "Bonds Dilemma"

The 30-year bull run in government bonds is thought to have run its course, but what should high...