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Latest Comment & Analysis

19 February 2024

IQ-EQ Says US Wealth, Family Offices Sector Holds Big Opportunities

We talk to the group about its views on the potential, and the needs, of sectors such as US family offices. The firm has been in expansion mode worldwide, including North America. ...

16 February 2024

Singapore's Seviora Capital Intensifies Focus On Asian Food, Agriculture

Asia, which is home to 60 per cent of the world’s population, will need to produce more using fewer resources to feed its growing population. ...

5 February 2024

How T3 Experts See Artificial Intelligence

AI may not have dominated discussions at the recent annual T3 conference in Las Vegas, but nonetheless, it remains a key topic for wealth advisors. ...

2 February 2024

Making An Impact - In Conversation With Big Issue Group's Nigel Kershaw

WealthBriefing talks to a prominent figure in the UK philanthropy/impact investing world, involved with Big Issue Invest and The Big Issue Group. For much of his life, Nigel Kershaw has worked in the space, foun...

Company Profiles
29 January 2024

Fast-Moving GSB Flags Big Ambitions

We talk to a wealth management firm, based in Dubai, which is expanding into markets including the UK. It says it is challenging what it sees as outmoded business models. ...

26 January 2024

Taking Risks Out Of Philanthropy

We talk to law firm Farrer & Co and a lawyer working in the charities area about the kind of themes emerging in the philanthropy sector in the UK. ...

Latest News

M and A
23 February 2024

Investment Houses Drive AlTi's M&A, Growth Goals With War Chest

In a move signalling considerable ambition by multi-family office, AlTi Tiedemann Global, it has announced that two investment groups are to invest into its business, funding M&A and organic growth goals. ...

People Moves
23 February 2024

Harneys Makes Senior Cayman Islands, London Appointments

The offshore law firm operates from a range of jurisdictions. ...

23 February 2024

Investment Managers React To Japan’s Nikkei 225 All-Time High

After Japanese stocks reached an all-time high overnight for the first time since December 1989, investment managers weigh in on investment opportunities in the country. For several months, wealth firms have t...

23 February 2024

Compliance Corner: The Bahamas, European Union "Grey List"

The latest compliance news: regulatory developments, punishments, guidance, permissions, new product and service offerings. ...

Wealth Strategies
23 February 2024

Fixed-Income Securities Look An Outstanding Asset This Year – Spain's MAPFRE

A European asset management house, part of Spanish financial group MAPFRE, gives its views about the world's fixed income market, and that of Europe's in particular. ...

People Moves
23 February 2024

Eastspring Investments Names New Chief Investment Officer

Singapore-headquartered Eastspring Investments, the $216 billion asset management arm of UK insurer Prudential, makes a senior hire. ...