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Banking Crisis
27 March 2023

FINMA Itemises Credit Suisse's Bond Write-Down

Last week the Swiss regulator put numbers on the write-downs of Additional Tier 1 bonds that Credit...

27 March 2023

Hong Kong Overhauls Tax, Rules To Attract Family Offices

Hong Kong is competing with rival centres such as Dubai, Singapore and Switzerland to grab a piece...

27 March 2023

WealthTalk – Refining Boundaries Of Privacy


Banking Crisis
27 March 2023

Big Banks Warn Staff Not To Poach Clients From Ailing Rivals – Report

An aspect of the banking problems on both sides of the Atlantic is the attitude of healthier rivals...

Banking Crisis
27 March 2023

UBS's Wealth Boss Offers Staff Retention Assurances – Report

One of the ironies of the UBS-Credit Suisse takeover is that a shortage of talent in fast-growing...

Banking Crisis
24 March 2023

Don’t Blame Venture Capitalists For SVB's Collapse

Better decision-making processes, not railing against venture capitalists, are some of the lessons...

Investment Strategies
24 March 2023

Investment Managers React To US Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hike

After a two-day meeting, this week the Federal Open Market Committee voted to raise the federal...

New Office
24 March 2023

J Stern & Co Opens New York Office

Opening a New York office is in some ways a return to an important part of the firm's history. ...

Banking Crisis
24 March 2023

OPINION OF THE WEEK: Credit Suisse's Demise Puts Focus Back On Liquidity, Strength

I take a look at some of the implications of the Credit Suisse story, and what it means in terms of...

People Moves
24 March 2023

Senior Asia Banker Joins Credit Suisse's Wealth Arm

Even as Credit Suisse becomes absorbed into UBS after the takeover announced at the weekend, the...

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WM Market Reports
22 March 2023

Tech Traps Wealth Managers Must Avoid 2023

The latest edition of our regular "Tech Traps" reports. ...

Alt Investments
21 March 2023

In Tough Times, Private Market Secondaries Can Shine

The venture capital, private equity and other parts of the "private markets" space have been jolted...

21 March 2023

Developments In Private Bank RegTech – Views From The Experts

Regulatory technology – software that a private bank has to use in order to produce information...

10 March 2023

Time To Change Cross-Border Marketing For Fundraising? A Swiss Example

New Swiss rules affecting external asset managers also have implications for foreign fund...

9 March 2023

Exclusive: Biotech Sector To Take Off In 2023

Swiss-based BB Biotech’s head investment manager, Daniel Koller, talks to this news publication...

6 March 2023

The Squeeze On Investment Visas – What Should Happen Now?

With these programmes, the subject of this interview says, the benefit is not just in the initial...

Asset Management
6 March 2023

Comgest's Mood Brightens For Europe, Asia Investments

After a strong start to global stock markets, Franz Weis chief investment officer at Comgest, a...

Trust Estate
3 March 2023

Challenges For Multi-Generational Families Over Succession

A take-home point from this article is that for multi-generational family firms to navigate...

24 February 2023

Foundations For Effective Corporate Governance

The author argues that UK regulatory expectations largely date back to the financial crisis. At...

21 February 2023

Soaring Inheritance Tax Receipts Highlight Need For Reform

Inheritance tax receipts are rising, and this suggests that tax brackets are capturing a wider...