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28 January 2019

Winter Did Not Freeze Alpine “Crypto Valley” As New Firms Grow – Data

Recent months haven’t been kind to controversial crypto-currency bitcoin but the related...

16 January 2019

Denmark Scrutinises Crypto-Currency Trades

Danish tax authorities are targeting crypto-currency transactions in a period from 2016 to 2018. ...

8 November 2018

Swiss Regulator Gives Green Light To Crypto-Currency Prime Broker

Clients served by the group include high net worth individuals and family offices. ...

11 May 2018

Bloomberg Smiles On Cryptos With New Index

The index, launched in collaboration with one of the biggest names in financial services, could...

Asset Management
6 March 2018

Microstate Bank Says Crypto Offering Breaks Fresh Ground

One bank in the microstate is hoping to normalise crypto-currency trading, bringing it on par with...

23 February 2018

UK Government Body Scrutinises Crypto-Currencies, Blockchain

As cash continues to flood into the crypto-currency market, the UK Treasury Committee is examining...

Banking Crisis
31 January 2018

Namara's New CIO Says Crypto-Currencies "Only Part Of A Monetary Revolution"

A veteran investment figure in the wealth management field plunges into the crypto-currency...

30 January 2018

Deutsche Bank WM Warns Crypto-Currency Investors Of "Total Loss"

Mueller's warning was fired just a week after one of history's largest crypto heists took place at...

18 January 2018

Crypto-Currencies: How The Mighty Have Fallen

At a time when the outlook seems bleak for the crypto-currency market, blockchain aficionados share...

17 January 2018

Bitcoin Plummets As China Intensifies Crypto-Currency Crackdown

The first and most well-known crypto-currency tumbled as much as 20 per cent following the reports....

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