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14 May 2021

DBS Private Bank Unveils Digital Assets Trusts Offering

The offering is yet a further example of how the world of digital assets has gone increasingly...

Trust Estate
21 April 2021

Swiss Trusts Sector Braces For Regulatory Overhaul

A series of federal acts in the Alpine state have been enacted, and they create a regulatory...

Trust Estate
20 November 2020

COVID-19, Great Transfer And Bridging Generational Gap

Whilst succession planning has long been on the HNW agenda, never before has so much value been at...

Trust Estate
17 November 2020

Plan With Substance: Private Placement Life Insurance

Private placement life insurance has its place in wealth manager's armoury. However, how can it...

Trust Estate
11 November 2020

How Data Derails Digital Change In Trusts

Trust administrators face increasing pressure to use new digital technologies to support clients....

Trust Estate
28 September 2020

A Tangled Investment Web Causes Inheritance Migraines

Investors look more widely to find yield in a low-rate environment, and that means their assets can...

Trust Estate
1 September 2020

The "Flee Clause" And Trusts - How To Adjust When Trouble Strikes

The advent of global economic and regional political uncertainty has unsurprisingly brought about...

Trust Estate
24 August 2020

Wills In The 21st Century - The Significance Of Virtual Witnessing

The UK government now allows wills to be witnessed virtually - clearly a major benefit in an age of...

Trust Estate
24 April 2020

Estate, Tax Planning In A World Turned Upside Down

For many sensible reasons, now is a good time to consider protecting family wealth through estate...

Trust Estate
30 March 2020

Trusts: Upheavals And Innovations

A senior international figure in the trusts sector, with a close understanding of the industry in...

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Trust Estate
2 January 2019

CONFERENCE PREVIEW: Debating Trusts, Technology & Migration In Switzerland

Here is an outline of a conference covering trusts, wealth structuring and related issues to be...

Trust Estate
2 November 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Freedom From Wealth By Charles Lowenhaupt

The founder of a wealth advisory business has written a book explaining how those who bestow and...

Trust Estate
27 April 2018

Structuring Solutions: The European, Wider Marketplace - Breakfast Briefing Report

Wealth practitioners from Malta, Switzerland the UK gathered at two breakfast briefings organised...

Trust Estate
6 March 2018

Wealth Industry Presses Case For Financial Privacy, Swiss Trusts Law

A STEP conference in Switzerland, with this publication as media sponsor, recently discussed...

Trust Estate
13 February 2018

Assaults On Financial Privacy Aren't Over - Conference

Is financial privacy utterly doomed or are certain developments reminding voters, as well as...

Trust Estate
31 August 2017

As World Demands Transparency, US Trusts Sector Remains Haven Of Privacy

Financial privacy is under pressure around the world but one country is holding out against the...

Trust Estate
26 July 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Offshore Trusts, Their Uses And Complications

This article takes a look at offshore trusts, recent developments and some of the complications...

Trust Estate
26 January 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Private Trust Companies Give Choice, Flexibility - Hawksford

Within the ecosphere of trust structures there is a creature known as the private trust company,...

Trust Estate
10 October 2014

EXPERT VIEW: Updated Intestacy Laws: Who Has Been Left Behind?

In May 2014, the UK Parliament signed into existence an Act that promised to revolutionise...

Trust Estate
22 August 2012

INTERVIEW: Estate Planning In The Bahamas With BEE