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18 October 2019

Is Brexit's Fog Finally Lifting? Deal Reactions

"We've been here before," is the cautious response. Nevertheless, a deal emerging from the...

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3 October 2019

Families Don't Talk Enough But Is Social Media To Blame?

It is quite common to read that social media - or "unsocial media" - helps explain why people...

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1 October 2019

Brooks Macdonald Takes ESG On The Road

Explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Levison Wood join the wealth firm for hosted events geared to...

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11 September 2019

Up And Away - What Clients Need To Know About Private Aircraft

This article delves into the details of owning a private aircraft, a topic that has become...

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8 August 2019

Negative Rates Cause Swiss Bank Clients More Pain

The largest Swiss bank has extended its fees on large accounts to deal with the pain of negative...

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23 July 2019

Avoiding Marital Financial Mistakes: What Couples Can Do

There is nothing romantic about marital finance. All the more reason to weigh early on how finances...

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15 July 2019

Necessity, Pension Freedom Drive Older Investors To Take More Risk

Retirement planning is shifting as advisors and investors work out balancing risk with...

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29 May 2019

Cricket Gets Run For Its Money With New FX Deal

Professional cricketers are swelling the ranks of the sporting elite looking for bespoke financial...

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12 April 2019

“Understand How Financial Advice And Vulnerability Relate” - Client Care

A wealth management team is taking the message on the road to bring more attention to vulnerable...

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26 March 2019

UK's Seven Investment Management Cuts HNW Client Fees

The cut is a sign of fee compression in the wealth management sector. ...

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25 March 2005

Maximise “A” Day Protection: Maximise Action Now

6 April 2006 is a date imprinted on the minds of all private client advisers as “A” Day: the...

Client Affairs
24 March 2005

UK's Next PLC Devise Ingenious Executive Compensation Scheme

In an innovative new approach to rewarding senior executives, Next Plc last year announced that its...

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8 March 2005

US Executives & Corporates Offered Tax Lifeline

The US Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") has unveiled a settlement initiative for executives and...

Client Affairs
3 March 2005

Wealthy Break Silence on Private Decisions Over Succession

“The Succession Project” was commissioned by Saffery Champness to confirm our understanding of...

Client Affairs
23 February 2005

Baby Boomers Not About to Retire, Says Merrill

The baby boomer generation is not interested in pursing a traditional retirement of leisure but...

Client Affairs
17 February 2005

Taxation of “Private” Collective Investment Schemes – Big Changes Ahead?

Collective investments schemes in the UK currently enjoy a favourable tax position allowing them to...

Client Affairs
16 February 2005

Discriminatory Taxes – EU to The Rescue

One of the features of our tax system has always been that the tax treatment of a person or...

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4 December 2001

No business like show business

With equity markets volatile and interest rates low, many financial advisers are finding new client...

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12 July 2001

OECD Outlines Principles to Fight Abuse of Corporate Vehicles

Governments need to put in place measures identifying beneficial owners of trusts, shell companies...