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21 May 2019

EU Removes Three Offshore Centres From Tax Blacklist

Three jurisdictions have been removed from the EU's list of centres that were not co-operating over...

10 May 2019

Impact Investing Solution Launched In Mauritius

The jurisdiction is host to a new structure designed, its architects say, to make it easier to...

20 March 2019

Does Your Offshore Substance Really Add Up?

Grasping what is meant by "substance" when it comes to setting up structures in international...

19 March 2019

Hong Kong Tops Corporate Services IFC Rankings - Vistra Survey

The pressure for more transparency in jurisdictions and issues such as Brexit struggles in the UK...

7 February 2019

A Tale Of Two Structures From Jersey And Guernsey

The launch in recent months of two investment structures – one aimed at international firms’...

30 January 2019

Private Bank Luminary Weighs In On Swiss-EU Row

Yves Mirabaud, of the Mirabaud private banking dynasty, urges Switzerland to push ahead for a...

24 January 2019

European Commission's Golden Visas Warnings Unfair - IMC

Controversy about citizenship/residency-by-investment programmes refuses to die down. ...

23 January 2019

EU To Warn Golden Visa Industry

Controversy over "golden visas" takes a fresh turn with the expected release today of a report by...

17 January 2019

Chinese Tycoons Shift Wealth As Tax Laws Bite - Report

Some of the wealthiest people in China have transferred wealth to shield it from harsher tax rules...

14 January 2019

The Golden Visa Markplace: A Critique

Questions by policymakers about such visa programmes and last year's sudden suspension by the UK of...

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