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22 January 2016

Investors, Don't Lose The Long-Term View – UBS Wealth Management

Market falls can present opportunities to rebalance portfolios toward long-term strategic...

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19 January 2016

Iran Comes In From The Cold - There's Now A Fund On Offer

Coinciding with the easing of sanctions against Iran, a fund has been launched for investors aiming...

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27 November 2015

GUEST ARTICLE: Proposed Changes To UK Treatment Of Non-Doms - A Look At The Fine Print

This article goes into detail about the UK government's proposed changes to the country's...

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26 November 2015

UK Autumn Statement: Wealth Management Industry Reacts

As the Chancellor laid out his blueprint for Britain, he revealed a handful of changes for the...

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25 November 2015

Fidelity Reminds US Advisors Of Their Role In Protecting Older Clients From Financial Abuse

A challenging and sensitive issue in wealth management is dealing with clients who may have...

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20 November 2015

GUEST ARTICLE: Professional Indemnity Insurance In The UK - A Primer

Wealth managers, as much as any other form of professional, need to be aware of the issues...

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19 November 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Poor PEP Screening Practice Is Rife, Experts Warn - Part 1

A recent conference hosted by this news organisation in Switzerland examined the issue of how to...

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12 October 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST COMMENT: EY On Serving Non-Doms In A Changing Industry

The consultancy firm looks at the case for banks to examine their resident non-domiciled offering. ...

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2 October 2015

New Freedoms For Brazilian Investors To Hold Foreign Assets Take Effect

The Latin American country has brought in new freedoms on how much money its wealthier citizens can...

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24 September 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST ARTICLE: What Could Emerge From ISA-Like Pensions?

This article looks at what could lie ahead following recent reform to the UK's pension system....

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