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28 August 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST COMMENT: Deeds Of Variation - Are They No More?

Is the ability to vary terms of a will for tax reasons, through what are called "deeds of...

Client Affairs
20 August 2015

EXPERT VIEW: How To Get Inside The Head Of Clients To Understand Risk Tolerance

Risk profiling is an essential activity for wealth managers today but as they know only too well,...

Client Affairs
6 August 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST COMMENT: The Shift From "Multichannel To "Omnichannel" Client Engagement

The days when clients were content to have just one way of speaking to their bank are passing as...

Client Affairs
4 August 2015

UK Launches Major Review Into Financial Advice Market

The UK's HM Treasury and financial watchdog will be working together to examine how financial...

Client Affairs
27 July 2015

Barclays' Clients In Cyprus Facing Account Closure Seek New Bank Home, BOC UK Says

This article looks at the fallout from Barclays' recently announced policy of shutting accounts in...

Client Affairs
17 July 2015

Survey Raises Worries Over Unmarried Couples' Assumptions On Children's Financial Support

A survey seeks to cast light on the views that unmarried and married couples have about the...

Client Affairs
14 July 2015

Fairstone Reaches Milestone With Chartered Status

The Chartered Insurance Institute, a UK professional body for the financial services sector, has...

Client Affairs
13 July 2015

FEATURE: Grass-Roots Financial Planning For Footballers

There are legions of stories, it seems, about former professional footballers who end up in...

Client Affairs
8 July 2015

UK Summer Budget 2015: The Key Points For Wealth Managers

Osborne tinkered with inheritance tax and non-dom status in the UK's first Budget in a five-year...

Client Affairs
16 June 2015

Saudi Arabia Opens Up Stock Market To Foreign Investors

The oil-producing kingdom's stock market is officially open to foreign investors. ...

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