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Family Office
18 November 2022

Ledgex Expands To Meet Rising Demand

The move will help the company take advantage of a surging family office market, which is expected...

Family Office
31 October 2022

Abu Dhabi Tech Hub Launches Family Offices Capital Club – Report

A number of family offices have met to kick off the new initiative. ...

Family Office
11 October 2022

Indian Tycoon Creates Singapore Family Office – Media

Singapore has taken steps to encourage family offices to set up in the jurisdiction over recent...

Family Office
27 September 2022

Large SFOs Have Weightier Equity Stance, But Suffer As Stocks Fall – Credit Suisse

The report does not yet cover North America, but findings may be indicative of how single-family...

Family Office
13 September 2022

Family Structures – Fit for Purpose?

In this short question-and-answer exchange, Crestbridge Family Office Services discusses why it...

Family Office
12 August 2022

How Family Offices, UHNW Investors Can Play The India-UK Trade Theme

We talk to a firm that helps family offices gain access to promising startups and similar...

Family Office
18 July 2022

Tough Markets Cause Family Offices To Slow VC Investments

For some time, the fact that family offices are enthusiasts for VC has been an obvious fact but...

Family Office
16 May 2022

New Study Offers Invaluable Operational Insights For UHNW Wealth Managers

This publication has launched its second study on efficiency in accounting and investment analysis...

Family Office
13 May 2022

Single-Family Offices Fret Over Transparency, Data Demands – EY

The pace of regulatory change continues to change and with it demands – not always wise – for...

Family Office
20 April 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Largest Single Family Offices Online Database Now Offers Full US Coverage

The Highworth Research database is now covering the market for single-family offices across the US,...

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Family Office
21 January 2020

Family Offices' Direct Investing Hunger: What's Driving It?

Why take the direct investing route when you have to carry out all the due diligence tasks that...

Family Office
8 January 2020

Getting Family Office Clients A Bigger Slice Of Investment Pie

The founder and CEO of a digital platform built by family office and asset management figures talks...

Family Office
31 October 2019

Family Offices' Rising Prominence - Mapping Major Trends

This publication breaks out the major themes shaping the world's family offices industry. ...

Family Office
25 October 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Single Family Offices

This week we discuss single family offices and how a brighter light is shining on this space -...

Family Office
14 October 2019

WEALTH TALK: Interview With Pitcairn CIO Rick Pitcairn

This news service recently met with the multi-family office CIO to talk about its business...

Family Office
29 July 2019

Single Family Offices - Who Knows The Numbers?

This article addresses the difficult subject of estimating the actual number and size of single...

Family Office
4 June 2019

EXCLUSIVE: China Seen Boosting Non-US Single Family Office Cohort

Assuming recent trends, China's ultra-wealthy citizens' desire to create single family offices will...

Family Office
21 May 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Private Equity Most Favoured Single Family Office Asset

As part of WealthBriefing's partnership with Highworth Research, we show how single family offices...

Family Office
25 March 2019

Family Office Focus: Efficiency in Accounting and Investment Analysis - Research

This publication’s research arm has taken a deep dive into the key technological and operational...

Family Office
18 January 2018

Family Offices Face Tricky Pre-Flight Checklist Over Private Jets - Citi Private Bank Study

The private bank takes a look at how family offices should consider their aviation needs, including...