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21 October 2019

Major Inheritance Tax Ruling - A Jersey Charitable Trust Case

The Supreme Court has ruled that a deceased woman's gift to a charity in her native Jersey is...

Trust Estate
18 October 2019

Lessons From Earl Spencer's Decision To Shake Up Family Succession, Legal Comment

Wealth advisors can learn important lessons from these high-profile cases. ...

Trust Estate
11 October 2019

JP Morgan Launches Singapore-Based Trust Company

The organisation is aiming to build its team and operations in Asia and the Middle East. ...

Trust Estate
12 September 2019

We Need To Talk About Inheritance - But Too Many Don't

Authors of a recent report discuss what deters families from discussing wealth with their offspring...

Trust Estate
3 July 2019

Family Investment Companies: What They Are And Their Benefits

The article examines a structure called the "family investment company" - in particular, its tax...

Trust Estate
15 May 2019

The Moursi Vs Doherty Inheritance Dispute - The "Undue Influence" Test

This article explores a recent court dispute where the issue of "undue influence" - a specific term...

Trust Estate
25 April 2019

Planning Ahead: Thoughts About NextGen Tax, Estate Planning

Now a familiar theme, "NextGen" wealth planning might seem as necessary and obvious as air and...

Trust Estate
4 April 2019

Trusts In The Family Division: A Wealth Protection Tool

The author outlines how trusts are treated in divorce cases and the issues that advisors should be...

Trust Estate
29 March 2019

Changing World Of Trusts, Wealth Structures - Withers

As part of a series examining the changing world of trusts and other structures, this publication...

Trust Estate
28 March 2019

Commoditisation Of Offshore Trusts - Who Advises The Advisors?

A Hong Kong-based member of this news service's editorial advisory board sets out the terrain - and...

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Trust Estate
8 August 2012

Interview: How One Silicon Valley Firm Tackles The Delicate Issue Of Wealth Transfer

The $5 million gift tax exemption has really pushed the wealth transfer issue to the forefront of...