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Family Office
20 October 2021

Singapore-Based Family Office Network Launches

Family offices are growing in Singapore, and the jurisdiction is promoting the sector on a number...

Family Office
11 October 2021

Family Offices Gradually Fall More In Love With VC

A report casts its eye over how family offices around the world approach venture capital. Such...

Family Office
13 September 2021

Bill Gates' Investment Group Buys Four Seasons Majority Stake

The story is an example of how the investment entities of ultra-wealthy individuals buy and hold...

Family Office
10 September 2021

Costs Still Weigh Heavily On US Family Offices' Minds - Study

A survey of US family offices, carried out through February to May, delves into what concerns they...

Family Office
9 September 2021

Guiding Advisors, Principals On Family Offices - Talking To Bill Woodson

A co-author of a new book setting out how family offices operate, what they do and why they are...

Family Office
12 August 2021

Family Offices Must Talk With Lawmakers Over Regulatory Threat

Regulatory threats to family offices in the US stemming from the political reaction to the Archegos...

Family Office
2 August 2021

Family Offices Should Behave As Regulated Entities

This article explores the various risks involved from the family office perspective, including...

Family Office
22 July 2021

Family Offices Ponder Inflation Risks, Prolonged Low Rates - Goldman Sachs

The report showed that, among other details, more than 90 per cent of respondents invested in...

Family Office
9 June 2021

WEALTH TALK: A Focus On Healthcare Investing And Family Offices

As part of our series of video interviews, we examine the subject of family offices and healthcare...

Family Office
25 May 2021

London Law Firm Launches A Family Office Under New Brand

Bringing a host of private client needs under one roof, Fladgate law firm has launched its own...

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Family Office
14 November 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Clients Give Feedback On Peer Networking And The Need For Communication

This year saw Threshold Group launch its Community Square forum, a peer-to-peer network which...

Family Office
13 November 2012

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Silver Bridge Keeps Pushing Its Profile Higher

At Silver Bridge, the US wealth management firm focusing on ultra high net worth clients, its...

Family Office
5 November 2012

Why One Multi-Family Office Is Taking A Cautious View To Asset Growth

Some wealth managers brag about their assets under management and advertise when they hit...

Family Office
1 November 2012

Process Is Key To Performance At Single Family Offices - Wharton School Study

Codifying management policies enhances performance among single-family offices, according to Dr...

Family Office
18 October 2012

Annual Study Identifies Top Challenges For Single-Family Offices

The top challenges for single-family offices in the current environment are regulatory rules,...

Family Office
18 September 2012

Emergency Succession Series: Leading A Company After The Sudden Death Of The CEO/Owner


Family Office
17 September 2012

Emergency Succession Series: Leading A Company After The Sudden Death Of The CEO/Owner


Family Office
17 August 2012

The Best Practices Of Successful, Multi-Generational Families - New FBN, FOX Study

The world’s most successful, multi-generational families routinely adopt best practices on...

Family Office
14 August 2012

INTERVIEW: The Wigmore Association Sets The Tone For Global Multi-Family Office Collaboration

When six heavyweight family offices teamed up in 2011 to form the Wigmore Association, it opened up...

Family Office
13 August 2012

Picking The Best Wealth Advisors From The Rest

Some big names in the industry have turned their attention to differentiating between advisors who...