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10 February 2022

Compliance Corner: Trustconsult Wins Monaco Licence

The latest compliance news: regulatory developments, punishments, guidance, permissions and new...

10 February 2022

Qatar Tops Global List For Low-Tax Places

The report, which sought to determine the countries with the best tax regimes for individuals,...

7 February 2022

What Counts In Choosing An Offshore Jurisdiction

A private client lawyer sets out the questions he has about what he looks for in an offshore...

28 January 2022

Offshore Data Thieves, Journalists And UK Tax Collector

The author of this article takes an acerbic look at the conduct of journalists in some of the...

14 January 2022

Compliance Corner: The Bahamas, European Union

The latest compliance news: regulatory developments, punishments, guidance, permissions and new...

16 November 2021

Jersey Finance Inks MoU With United Arab Emirates, Issues Shariah Finance Study

Jersey Finance also marked the tenth anniversary of its office opening in Dubai. The organisation...

29 October 2021

Wealth Industry Must Be Bolder, Better At Advocating Privacy Rights

After another big leak of data, the wealth management industry must become less reactive and more...

27 October 2021

Guernsey Paints A Green IFC Picture

We talk to practitioners on the island about the effects of the pandemic ahead of a major revision...

8 October 2021

Pandora Papers: The Rich Are Back In Firing Line

Entrepreneur and surveyor of public attitudes towards wealth, Dr Rainer Zitelmann, takes aim at the...

7 October 2021

Bahamas Minister Vows IFC To Stay On Front Foot

The Bahamas has been pushing forward as an IFC; in 2020 the FATF removed it from a list of...

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23 August 2016

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Making Beneficial Ownership Public Carries Risks, Academic Warns

The idea of putting beneficial ownership information in the public domain is a popular one. But...

22 June 2016

INTERVIEW: Caribbean Jurisdictions And Citizenship By Investment

A specialist on citizenship by investment discusses the programmes offered by Dominica, Grenada and...

3 May 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: The Panama Papers - How Not To Hold Assets Offshore

A prominent US lawyer takes aim at the continuing drama around the Panama Papers. ...

15 April 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: After Panama - Why Offshore Centres Must Be Defended

A prominent lawyer working in the field of international financial centres steps up to defend...

11 April 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: The Panama Papers And How To Treat "Persons With Significant Control"

"Persons with significant control" is a term of increasing relevance, and relates to who is in...

4 April 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: There Is Plenty Of Life Left In Switzerland's Financial Sector

This article argues that the Alpine state retains a number of strengths that will enable its...

16 March 2016

NEWS ANALYSIS: Brexit And What It Might Mean For Britain's Offshore Cousins

If the UK votes to get out of the EU, how will this affect offshore jurisdictions with links to...

20 October 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Dubai's Wills, Probate Registry Elicits "Tremendous Response", Boosts Financial Hub - Conference

A new registry in Dubai which allows non-Muslims to handle wealth transfer under English Common Law...

7 September 2015

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cyprus Reforms Tax Code With Echoes Of UK's Non-Dom Regime

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus was in financial crisis a few years ago. Now the country (the...

14 February 2014

Swiss Private Banking Industry Unamused At Immigration Vote, Warns On Costs

The Swiss banking industry is unhappy over the recent anti-immigration vote in the country but has...