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Investment Strategies
23 February 2022

Russia, Ukraine Crisis – Wealth Managers' Comments

Wealth management houses provide their views on the fall-out in global financial markets over...

Investment Strategies
8 February 2022

Citi Private Bank Pivots From US Stocks, Warns Over Fed

The US private bank is concerned that some of the inflationary pressures prompting central banks to...

Investment Strategies
4 February 2022

Bank Of England Raises Interest Rates – Wealth Managers' Reactions

Chief economists give their take on the Bank of England's first back-to-back interest rate hike...

Investment Strategies
20 January 2022

"Great Divergence" Ahead As China Loosens Policy, Fed Tightens

Different paths of monetary policy in the world's largest and second-biggest economies will be a...

Investment Strategies
14 January 2022

US Inflation Runs Hot – Wealth Managers' Reactions

After more than a decade of very low interest rates and asset allocations that have shifted to...

Investment Strategies
17 December 2021

Looking Through The Fog: Wealth Managers' 2022 Outlooks

As the year draws to a close, we look at what a range of wealth managers have to say about what...

Investment Strategies
17 December 2021

European VC Raises $112 Million Southern Europe Fund

The European venture capitalist's new fund focuses on southern Europe, signalling growing...

Investment Strategies
16 December 2021

A US Fund's Manager Trumpets "Repeatable" Formula For Success

This news service interviews a manager of a US equities fund now available for the UK market. The...

Investment Strategies
16 December 2021

Hot Inflation Numbers Give Central Banks A Headache - Wealth Managers' Reactions

UK inflation figures came out a day before the Bank of England's rate-setting policymakers sit down...

Investment Strategies
6 December 2021

RBC Wealth Management Smiles On Stocks

In a positive outlook for 2022, RBC makes its recommendation of asset classes as it seeks to look...

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Investment Strategies
12 April 2010

A Look At Structured Finance Investment In 2010 - The Beryl Consulting Group

As part of a continuing series, The Beryl Consulting Group gives its 2010 outlook and hedge fund...

Investment Strategies
11 March 2010

Active Vs Passive Investing - The Debate Rolls On

Ultimately, the debate on whether passive investing makes better value for money over the long term...

Investment Strategies
2 February 2010

Forex Gains Ground As Asset Class For Wealth Managers

Foreign exchange is high on the agenda of many wealth managers. With weakness across many leading...

Investment Strategies
21 January 2010

Good Times Set To Continue In Australia - Fidelity

The manager of an Australian equities fund for Fidelity, Paul Taylor, gives his views on the...

Investment Strategies
5 January 2010

Signs Of Growing Property Momentum

The financial crisis hit the derivatives market, and the sector linked to dealing in property was...

Investment Strategies
22 October 2009

Hedge Fund Industry Slowly On The Mend, Challenges Remain

There are further signs that the hedge fund sector has recovered from its poor year of 2008, with...

Investment Strategies
21 August 2009

High Cash Holdings Create Their Own Risks, Challenges

Until very recently, high net worth individuals have maintained large allocations to cash but such...

Investment Strategies
2 July 2009

The Growing Attractions of Inflation Insurance

As central banks have boosted the money supply to avoid depression, the risk is that the process...

Investment Strategies
15 April 2009

HNW Investors Can Spread Risks, Earn Returns By Becoming Angelic

Angel investing is a way for HNW investors to earn returns by filling a funding gap for small...

Investment Strategies
9 April 2009

No Free Lunches As Investors Seek Income

With interest rates so low, the hunt for an income becomes more urgent but there are no free...