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16 November 2023

Spotlight On Climate Change, ESG Investing – COP 28 Preview

After US climate envoy John Kerry said China and the US made progress in climate discussions, ahead...

16 November 2023

UBP Eyes Further Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area Growth – Report

The Geneva-headquartered private bank has already set out its growth goals for Asia and, in this...

16 November 2023

"Greenwashing" Controversies Focus Minds On What Investors Own

This news service talks to the MFO – born from a series of corporate mergers and acquisitions –...

15 November 2023

Can Rapid Account-Opening Coexist Alongside Heightened Compliance?

The approach that banks and other wealth management industry players take towards handling...

15 November 2023

UK Tax, Spending In Spotlight – Autumn Statement Preview

As UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt is poised to present his Autumn Statement to...

M and A
15 November 2023

Deals Of The Day: The Latest In Wealth Management M&A – AirFund, Amundi, Indosuez

The latest mergers, acquisitions and other corporate actions in the wealth management sector. ...

People Moves
15 November 2023

Who’s Moving Where In Wealth Management – Aviva Investors, Kroll, PAM

The latest moves and appointments in wealth management in the UK, the rest of Europe, the Middle...

People Moves
15 November 2023

SEI Names Wealth Leader For UK, EMEA And Asia

The firm has also announced a number of other important roles as it seeks to realign its resources...

Fund Management
15 November 2023

What's New In Investments, Funds? – Robeco

The latest news in investment offerings, financial products and other services relative to wealth...

People Moves
15 November 2023

UK Whisky Cask Broker Expands Team

The London based whisky cask broker VCL Vintners makes senior hire. ...

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Fund Management
24 November 2022

Niche Carmignac Fund Aims To Win Big In Family-Owned Companies Space

We talk to a manager of a fund that concentrates on family-owned businesses, and these can range...

Wealth Strategies
22 November 2022

Does Liability-Driven Investment Have Any Place In Wealth Managers' Toolkits?

The area of liability-driven investment is a specialist approach to managing money for final-salary...

Investment Strategies
9 November 2022

Cash-Rich Firms Can Tap M&A Opportunities As Rates Rise

Companies with plenty of cash stand to benefit from the M&A opportunities that can be thrown up in...

Fund Management
8 November 2022

Focus On Long-Term Investment Opportunities – Baillie Gifford

Faced with soaring inflation, rising interest rates and geopolitical conflicts, investment managers...

Family Office
7 November 2022

EXCLUSIVE: LNG – A Growth Driver For Three Groups Of Single Family Offices

Demand for liquified natural gas, aka LNG, is high amidst a global energy crisis, magnified by...

4 November 2022

A Wide Set Of Wealth, Business Tools In Jersey: In Conversation With Stonehage Fleming

What sort of structures and entities do clients coming to Jersey want to use? What sort of...

2 November 2022

10 Years On From HSBC's AML Saga – What Has Changed?

The author of this article claims that there has been little improvement in AML controls in much of...

1 November 2022

International Surrogacy Developments: Financial Impact On Families

The author argues that as more people resume foreign travel, with many doing so to consider...

27 October 2022

The Pandora Papers One Year On: Lessons Learned And To Learn

Today, the idea appears to grow that holding wealth is something deserving of opprobrium. The more...

Company Profiles
27 October 2022

Using Tech To Achieve Wealth Management Edge – In Conversation With InvestCloud

Finding new clients, attracting and keeping them requires a range of qualities, and intelligent use...