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11 December 2020

Financial Abuse: How Should Managers Protect Vulnerable Clients

In a year that has shone a light on the elderly, stuck in isolation and more exposed to financial...

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4 December 2020

Rural Wealth: Down On The Farm After Brexit

Farmers had a glimpse this week of what will replace EU farming subsidies as the UK exits Europe...

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2 December 2020

Going Virtual Dilutes Analysts' Value - Survey

The value asset managers place on one-to-one interactions with analysts has dropped by nearly 50...

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25 November 2020

ZEDRA Launches "Global Expansion Service" After Acquisition

The new service is designed to help companies expand around the world. It sits alongside the range...

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12 November 2020

ESG Phenomenon: Biden Energizes Clean Energy Path

Developments and commentary in and around the ESG investment space. ...

Client Affairs
11 November 2020

ESG Phenomenon: Oxford Endowment Turns To BlackRock, UK Treasury Goes Green

Developments and commentary in and around the ESG investment space. ...

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11 November 2020

Reviewing Workplace Legalities As Second Lockdown Begins

This guest feature from a UK employment law specialist looks at where employers and employees are...

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3 November 2020

Economic Abuse: Its New Role In Divorce, Legal

Economic abuse has gained increasing recognition as a form of domestic abuse, reflected in the...

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30 October 2020

ESG Phenomenon: ESG Holding Little Sway With Pensions

We gather developments and commentary in and around the ESG investment space. ...

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28 October 2020

How UHNWs Re-evaluate Risk, Commentary

How do families talk about risk and map their response? According to a recent wealth industry...

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13 April 2011

Family Limited Partnerships - Loathed By Tax Collectors, Loved By HNW Individuals

People looking to minimize tax should consider Family Limited Partnerships now – increasingly...

Client Affairs
23 April 2010

Taking A Look At The World Of Spreadbetting

Spreadbetting has been buffeted by the financial turmoil but the sector continues to show plenty of...

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24 November 2009

Wealth Firms Consider Lower Client Asset Minimums

As falling markets have wiped heavy sums from asset values, wealth management firms may reduce the...

Client Affairs
16 June 2009

Serving The Stars - Wealth Management For Sports And Entertainment Clients

Wealth managers are keen to gain sports and entertainment clients, and many firms have set up teams...

Client Affairs
9 June 2009

Pensions Cause Much Of The Pain As UK Moves To Raise Top Tax Rate

The UK government jolted the UK wealth management industry earlier this year with a proposed...

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27 May 2009

As People Tighten Belts, How Luxury Concierge Firms Are Faring

As even wealthy individuals tighten their belts, it appears that concierge firms may struggle, but...

Client Affairs
11 February 2009

Are Managers Handling Hedge Fund Redemptions Fairly?

With so many investors trying to pull out of hedge funds, the managers of these investment pools...

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9 December 2008

Making Clients Feel Loved Becomes Critical As Recession Bites

As the credit crunch bites deeper and investors fret about their portfolios, it is more vital than...

Client Affairs
7 November 2008

The Right And Wrong Ways To Check Clients Are Happy

The wealth management industry is one that lives and dies on the strength of relationships with...

Client Affairs
27 October 2008

Plunge In Asset Values Creates Opportunities For Tax Planners

Drops in asset prices means now is paradoxically a good time to look at tax planning via trusts and...