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25 August 2020

Investing In The Planet: A 2020 Turning Point?

The shutdown earlier this year cut Earth's ecological footprint by nearly 10 per cent. This was bad...

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24 August 2020

The ESG Phenomenon: CFA Seeks New Disclosure Rules Feedback; Liechtenstein

The latest developments in and around the ESG investment space. ...

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18 August 2020

Schroders Latest To Report No Rush Back To Office

The policy for encouraging staff to return to the office to save city centre businesses and revive...

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14 August 2020

Expats On The Move

There is some evidence that professionals are moving back to their home countries as a result of...

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14 August 2020

China "Bytes" Back: The Case For Equities - Comment

Much of what is fuelling deteriorating US-China relations is business dominance. China is rapidly...

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11 August 2020

Brexit Outweighs COVID In Retiring Abroad

Many in the UK are rethinking retirement plans for moving abroad. Their decisions are less focused...

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22 July 2020

EU Passes Recovery Plan - The Details

Beyond the headline that the EU 27 have struck a deal, this overview from AXA IM's group chief...

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10 July 2020

ESG Lens Making, Breaking Reputations

How families in the public eye invest their money is only going to face more scrutiny. Sustainable...

Client Affairs
1 July 2020

Wealth Management: Finding And Placing Talent

This news service speaks to an experienced wealth sector executive search figure about the state of...

Client Affairs
26 June 2020

Get Busy Talking To Build Client Confidence - Quilter Survey

Talking regularly to clients during a crisis such as the pandemic ought to be blindlingly obvious...

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9 June 2009

Pensions Cause Much Of The Pain As UK Moves To Raise Top Tax Rate

The UK government jolted the UK wealth management industry earlier this year with a proposed...

Client Affairs
27 May 2009

As People Tighten Belts, How Luxury Concierge Firms Are Faring

As even wealthy individuals tighten their belts, it appears that concierge firms may struggle, but...

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11 February 2009

Are Managers Handling Hedge Fund Redemptions Fairly?

With so many investors trying to pull out of hedge funds, the managers of these investment pools...

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9 December 2008

Making Clients Feel Loved Becomes Critical As Recession Bites

As the credit crunch bites deeper and investors fret about their portfolios, it is more vital than...

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7 November 2008

The Right And Wrong Ways To Check Clients Are Happy

The wealth management industry is one that lives and dies on the strength of relationships with...

Client Affairs
27 October 2008

Plunge In Asset Values Creates Opportunities For Tax Planners

Drops in asset prices means now is paradoxically a good time to look at tax planning via trusts and...

Client Affairs
21 August 2008

Family Limited Partnerships Seen as Next Big Thing in Wealth Planning

Family Limited Partnerships are already a large market in the US but are starting to generate a...

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14 April 2008

The March of the Financial Advice Aggregators

An economic trend that starts in the US will often hit the UK and that is certainly happening to...

Client Affairs
17 March 2008

Guest Feature: SIPPS - Its All About Timing and Doubling Up


Client Affairs
8 January 2008

Helping Clients Look for a Career Change

The wealthy increasingly consider their working lives as a means to an end and look to a second...