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9 December 2020

Middle East Family Offices Mostly Upbeat On Investment, Fret Over Oil, Taxes

A new report from accountancy and professional services group Deloitte probes what UHNW families in...

Family Office
12 November 2020

How One Swiss MFO Is Looking To Stand Apart

Two industrialist families have launched a multi-family office in Switzerland based on an equity...

Family Office
10 November 2020

EXCLUSIVE: The Single Family Office Behind World’s First Successful COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

A story that has - until now - gone unremarked is that a Munich-based single family office controls...

Family Office
19 October 2020

Family Offices Warned Over Risk Attitudes, Practices

A US wealth management firm has produced a major White Paper which scrutinises the mass of risks...

Family Office
9 October 2020

Swiss Gain New Family Office

Two prominent wealthy families are opening their private investment club to other families to pool...

Family Office
3 September 2020

Understanding Why Single Family Offices Love Direct Investing, MFOs Less So

A recent report prompted questions on how and why single and multi-family offices contrast in their...

Family Office
17 August 2020

Single Family Offices Are Hot For Direct Investing, MFOs Not So Much - Study

The report is by FINTRX and sponsored by Charles Schwab. It sets out the contrasting enthusiasm and...

Family Office
17 August 2020

Editor's Summer Picks: Family Offices' Contrasting Property Investment Stories

As the summer vacation season - in this most extraordinary of years - gets under way and some of...

Family Office
6 August 2020

Another Report Maps Family Offices Landscape

A fresh report has come out to fuel debate on what is the true size of the world's family offices...

Family Office
16 July 2020

Single Family Offices Stay Poised Amid Market Storms - UBS Global Study

This study suggests that the vast majority of single family offices adjusted their portfolios to...

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Family Office
25 July 2011

Murdoch: A Wake-up Call To Family Business Owners

In the wake of the Murdoch scandal, Mustafa Hussain, a solicitor within Taylor Wessing’s wealth...

Family Office
21 July 2011

GenSpring's Ulloa On The Employment Options For Wealth Managers

“In the multi-family office industry most professionals come from what you might call ‘the...

Family Office
19 July 2011

SEC’s Family Office Ruling Failing To Boost MFO Business

Multi-family offices aren’t expecting an onslaught of single-family offices beating down their...

Family Office
19 July 2011

Dollar Worries: The Role Of Currency In Family Wealth Management

During a recent week in Switzerland, the dollar was the topic of many conversations with wealth...

Family Office
14 July 2011

John Benevides On Opportunities, Challenges For Harris myCFO

At only 43 John Benevides, president of family office services for Harris myCFO, is one of the most...

Family Office
8 July 2011

Serving The Ultra-Wealthy’s Health Needs

Dr Sabine Donnai three years ago founded a business aiming to provide seamless healthcare to the...

Family Office
29 June 2011

Comment: Dodd-Frank And The SEC's Revised Final Rule Are Bad News

Single family offices dodged a bullet with the Securities and Exchange Commission's final rule for...

Family Office
6 June 2011

As Assets Rise, Family Offices Face More Complexity

Family offices can expect both increasing assets and increasing complexity for the rest of the...

Family Office
3 June 2011

Reputation Management: A Growing Concern For Wealthy Families

As if family offices didn’t have enough to worry about, add having a family’s hard-earned...

Family Office
30 March 2011

Credit Suisse Forges Ahead In EMEA's Family Office Space

With 250 family offices in Europe each with $1 billion of assets, it is no wonder that private...