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23 November 2020

It Pays To Have Backup Plans: "Golden Visas" And HNW Americans

There was a moment in a James Bond film where "Q" tells the famous agent to "always have a backup...

11 November 2020

Former Google CEO Uses Cyprus "Golden Visa" - Report

Ironically, the Cyprus “golden visa” scheme was put on temporary hold a few weeks ago following...

21 October 2020

Restarting Economic Growth: Where Asian Economies, IFCs Combine

The author of this article argues that as Asia and the rest of the world begin to rebuild their...

16 October 2020

Deadline Nears As UAE Unveils New Beneficial Ownership Regime

New regulations bring the concept of beneficial ownership into the UAE, part the jurisdiction's...

8 October 2020

Groups Applaud Cayman Islands' EU Blacklist Exit; Oman Also Removed

While the existence of such blacklists can be politically controversial, the removal of the Cayman...

10 September 2020

Jersey Finance Spreads Its Offshore Gospel To US

A year after the promotional agency of the island set up a New York office, it spoke to this news...

12 August 2020

Carey Olsen Builds Bermuda-Based Corporate Offering

The Carey Olsen Services Bermuda operation falls within a group of the firm's offerings in the...

4 August 2020

Guernsey Encourages Limited Partnership Migration

The new regulations allow a range of structures, such as private equity vehicles and collective...

8 July 2020

US Exclusion From Europe's Accepted Traveller List Is "Stinging Rebuke"

The "golden visa" specialist has an index of passports, with those not requiring prior visa...

8 July 2020

Who Pays For COVID-19? Public Offers Its Thoughts, Survey

Clamping down on tax evaders in the UK and abroad is one of the preferred ways of refilling...

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28 April 2005

A Renaissance For The Offshore Trust?

At the end of the Eighties, an offshore trust was a must have tax planning vehicle. By the end of...

29 May 2002

Cayman trial threatens future of offshore finance

The world of offshore finance faces a severe threat following the opening of a court case in the...

10 May 2002

Bahamas ponders overhaul of offshore laws

The newly elected Bahamian government has spoken to Complinet about its proposals to review its...

16 July 2001

Alberta - Canada’s New Tax Haven

As wealthy Canadians find it less profitable to send money offshore, they are discovering a new tax...

30 May 2001

Monaco: a Private Banking Haven in Danger?

Private Client Management interviews the head of the Monegasque Banking Association about the...