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18 June 2020

How Tough Times Get Families To Re-Set Wealth Priorities

Families and their businesses shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to think about how to keep their...

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2 June 2020

We Need To Talk About Brexit - Again

With further lockdown easings in June that have scientists divided, Arbuthnot's lead economist...

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19 May 2020

Quilter Opens Mental Health Resilience Support Hub

Wellbeing experts and behavioural economists are among those offering support as external advisors...

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15 May 2020

Getting Disciplined About ESG, Industry Takes Stock

More views on the strides of ESG from leading practitioners at Cornerstone Capital; Maitri in Asia,...

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16 April 2020

What's New In Investments, Funds? - Sanlam UK, Deutsche Bank WM

The latest developments in wealth management, including new product and services offerings. ...

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14 April 2020

Stay Positioned For Equity Recovery Sooner Rather Than Later - Rothschild

Suggestions that the globe faces a 1930s-style Depression because of the suppression measures to...

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9 April 2020

PIMFA Scales Up Scam Advice To Worried Savers

PIMFA is releasing more fraud and scams prevention guidelines to help savers navigate in these...

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26 March 2020

Coronavirus, Public Policy And Markets: What Wealth Managers Say

As inboxes overflow with updates on the global response to COVID-19, here is a mix of responses...

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19 March 2020

Insurance Group Warns Of Coronavirus Ricochet Effect

An advisor to the insurance sector has warned that the hit to insurers from COVID-19 disruption...

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10 March 2020

Will Downing Street Pull A Big Surprise? Pre-Budget Industry Comment

The question will be just how radical does Boris Johnson and Downing Street want to be? "It remains...

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14 March 2007

French Law Edges Towards Trusts

Though very cautiously and one step at a time, there is now no doubt that the concept of...

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21 December 2006

The Burden of UK Inheritance Tax – Is It Fair?

Two elderly sisters narrowly lost their battle in the European Court of Human Rights on 12 December...

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8 December 2006

Giving Shares to Charity is More Tax Efficient

With Christmas approaching, many high net worth individuals will be considering donating cash to...

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5 December 2006

Philanthropy Takes Centre Stage in the UK

Wealthy UK investors are increasingly looking to use their money to do good, whether by donating or...

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27 October 2006

Changing Domicile for IHT - Advice for UK Expats

Advisors helping British expats to deal with their inheritance tax planning must consider asking...

Client Affairs
28 September 2006

How Are UK Expats Affected by Recent Pension Changes?

Pension changes made this year by the British Government have done little to help expats, and they...

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22 September 2006

Credit Where Credit’s Due

In the first of a series of articles adapted from his recent book, Global Private Banking and...

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20 September 2006

UK Government Forced to Look Again at Pension Annuities

The UK government is considering scrapping new rules that prevent pensioners being forced to buy an...

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30 August 2006

UK Executive Pensions Provision – What Next

On A-Day, major pensions legislation was implemented in the UK: now pension scheme sponsors, scheme...

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26 May 2006

The UK Taxman and the Banks - Information Confidential ?

As has been recently reported in WealthBriefing, HM Revenue & Customs have enjoyed a startling run...