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16 September 2020

Fees, Returns, Planning, All Up For Client Review - Survey

New research shows that the pandemic has led investors to reassess expectations of their wealth...

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8 September 2020

CISI And CII Unite In The "Walkie Talkie"

While the future of office space in the Square Mile continues to divide opinion, two large global...

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25 August 2020

Investing In The Planet: A 2020 Turning Point?

The shutdown earlier this year cut Earth's ecological footprint by nearly 10 per cent. This was bad...

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24 August 2020

The ESG Phenomenon: CFA Seeks New Disclosure Rules Feedback; Liechtenstein

The latest developments in and around the ESG investment space. ...

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18 August 2020

Schroders Latest To Report No Rush Back To Office

The policy for encouraging staff to return to the office to save city centre businesses and revive...

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14 August 2020

Expats On The Move

There is some evidence that professionals are moving back to their home countries as a result of...

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14 August 2020

China "Bytes" Back: The Case For Equities - Comment

Much of what is fuelling deteriorating US-China relations is business dominance. China is rapidly...

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11 August 2020

Brexit Outweighs COVID In Retiring Abroad

Many in the UK are rethinking retirement plans for moving abroad. Their decisions are less focused...

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22 July 2020

EU Passes Recovery Plan - The Details

Beyond the headline that the EU 27 have struck a deal, this overview from AXA IM's group chief...

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10 July 2020

ESG Lens Making, Breaking Reputations

How families in the public eye invest their money is only going to face more scrutiny. Sustainable...

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22 September 2006

Credit Where Credit’s Due

In the first of a series of articles adapted from his recent book, Global Private Banking and...

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20 September 2006

UK Government Forced to Look Again at Pension Annuities

The UK government is considering scrapping new rules that prevent pensioners being forced to buy an...

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30 August 2006

UK Executive Pensions Provision – What Next

On A-Day, major pensions legislation was implemented in the UK: now pension scheme sponsors, scheme...

Client Affairs
26 May 2006

The UK Taxman and the Banks - Information Confidential ?

As has been recently reported in WealthBriefing, HM Revenue & Customs have enjoyed a startling run...

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23 May 2006

The Home - Estate Planning During Lifetime

For the “middle England” or UK family business person, the home is usually the most important...

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21 April 2006

Share Schemes to Pensions – The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Much has been written on the benefits for employees of transferring shares from a Savings-Related...

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29 March 2006

Share Option Plans - Trends in the FTSE 250

This is the fourth in a series of articles focusing on trends in the remuneration of directors of...

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17 March 2006

Court Direction - Disclosure of Trust Assets

Divorce and wealth is growing in importance and wealth managers increasingly need to be up to speed...

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10 January 2006

Share Option Costs Will Be Less Than Anticipated

The new accounting treatment for share options has huge ramifications for corporate profits and the...

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9 November 2005

The Wealthy Set the Economic Agenda

The world is dividing into two blocs, the “Plutonomy” nations, where economic growth is powered...