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9 March 2022

UK Investment Sector Pushes For More Female Portfolio Managers

Women are underrepresented in the UK and wider global investment management sector, figures show....

24 February 2022

Pandemic Has Galvanised Female Investors

The pandemic has had a galvanising effect on female investors in the UK many of whom,...

17 February 2022

Business Growth Even Greater Priority Than Health For Owners – Study

It appears that entrepreneurs, having survived the pandemic, want to focus hard on building their...

21 December 2021

Investors Wait To Unleash Risk Appetite When COVID Restrictions Ease – Study

A global study shows that a significant chunk of investors are waiting to put more chips on the...

7 December 2021

Wealth Managers Can Exhale After WHO Labels Variant "Super Mild"

The new COVID variant has rattled investors but so far it appears that it has less severe health...

26 November 2021

Investor Confidence Dips In November From Strong October - State Street

The confidence level shown in October was strong, proving hard to repeat in November. A key for the...

17 November 2021

Luxembourg's Financial Sector Turns More Bullish, But Frets Over Talent Crunch, Inflation - Study

The study of financial industry figures in Luxembourg found them in a broadly positive mood...

2 November 2021

Trust Gap For Younger Investors Choosing Green Funds

Younger investors are the keenest on ESG investments but are also the most sceptical. ...

29 October 2021

Global Investor Confidence Rises In October - State Street

The barometer of sentiment tracks what investors are actually doing in the markets rather than...

29 October 2021

UBS Investor Sentiment Survey: Sustainable Investing Claims Centre Stage

UBS Wealth Management's latest check of investor and business sentiment show labour markets and...

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