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Trust Estate
30 March 2020

Trusts: Upheavals And Innovations

A senior international figure in the trusts sector, with a close understanding of the industry in...

Trust Estate
6 January 2020

Conference Preview: Privacy, Trusts And Governance In Switzerland, Liechtenstein

One of the most important private client, trusts and estate planning industry events of the year...

Trust Estate
21 October 2019

Major Inheritance Tax Ruling - A Jersey Charitable Trust Case

The Supreme Court has ruled that a deceased woman's gift to a charity in her native Jersey is...

Trust Estate
18 October 2019

Lessons From Earl Spencer's Decision To Shake Up Family Succession, Legal Comment

Wealth advisors can learn important lessons from these high-profile cases. ...

Trust Estate
11 October 2019

JP Morgan Launches Singapore-Based Trust Company

The organisation is aiming to build its team and operations in Asia and the Middle East. ...

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Trust Estate
6 March 2018

Wealth Industry Presses Case For Financial Privacy, Swiss Trusts Law

A STEP conference in Switzerland, with this publication as media sponsor, recently discussed...

Trust Estate
13 February 2018

Assaults On Financial Privacy Aren't Over - Conference

Is financial privacy utterly doomed or are certain developments reminding voters, as well as...

Trust Estate
31 August 2017

As World Demands Transparency, US Trusts Sector Remains Haven Of Privacy

Financial privacy is under pressure around the world but one country is holding out against the...

Trust Estate
26 July 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Offshore Trusts, Their Uses And Complications

This article takes a look at offshore trusts, recent developments and some of the complications...

Trust Estate
26 January 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Private Trust Companies Give Choice, Flexibility - Hawksford

Within the ecosphere of trust structures there is a creature known as the private trust company,...