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11 September 2019

Up And Away - What Clients Need To Know About Private Aircraft

This article delves into the details of owning a private aircraft, a topic that has become...

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8 August 2019

Negative Rates Cause Swiss Bank Clients More Pain

The largest Swiss bank has extended its fees on large accounts to deal with the pain of negative...

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23 July 2019

Avoiding Marital Financial Mistakes: What Couples Can Do

There is nothing romantic about marital finance. All the more reason to weigh early on how finances...

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15 July 2019

Necessity, Pension Freedom Drive Older Investors To Take More Risk

Retirement planning is shifting as advisors and investors work out balancing risk with...

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29 May 2019

Cricket Gets Run For Its Money With New FX Deal

Professional cricketers are swelling the ranks of the sporting elite looking for bespoke financial...

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22 September 2006

Credit Where Credit’s Due

In the first of a series of articles adapted from his recent book, Global Private Banking and...

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20 September 2006

UK Government Forced to Look Again at Pension Annuities

The UK government is considering scrapping new rules that prevent pensioners being forced to buy an...

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30 August 2006

UK Executive Pensions Provision – What Next

On A-Day, major pensions legislation was implemented in the UK: now pension scheme sponsors, scheme...

Client Affairs
26 May 2006

The UK Taxman and the Banks - Information Confidential ?

As has been recently reported in WealthBriefing, HM Revenue & Customs have enjoyed a startling run...

Client Affairs
23 May 2006

The Home - Estate Planning During Lifetime

For the “middle England” or UK family business person, the home is usually the most important...