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25 October 2021

UK Budget Watch: What's In Store

Tax rises are occupying minds to pay down the pandemic, meet climate targets, and politically break...

Client Affairs
20 October 2021

The Tax Collector Cometh - How Insurance Handles HNW Cash Crunch

The days when UK-based property would be clear of inheritance taxes if owned by foreigners have...

Client Affairs
7 October 2021

New Tilney Smith & Williamson Service Targets Retiring Advisor Clients

The wealth advisory is launching a programme for financial advisors close to retirement that have...

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1 October 2021

Tech Nation Backs Programme Support For Black Entrepreneurs

In an effort to “normalise” underrepresented groups in UK tech, a London accelerator has...

Client Affairs
21 September 2021

Rise Of Concierge Healthcare – The Right Investment?

While typically perceived as a luxury amenity, the narrative has started to shift, with many...

Client Affairs
17 September 2021

Brexit, Pandemic "Reset" Investment Models For IFAs

IFAs have overwhelmingly revised their investment propositions, with advisors giving a variety of...

Client Affairs
14 September 2021

Lange Auf Wiedersehen, Balancing The Books: German Elections

After 16 years, Chancellor Merkel’s term in office is drawing to a close. Surprising inattention...

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8 September 2021

Ex JP Morgan Figures Launch Investment Boutique

Former JP Morgan peers are bidding to bring competitively priced ‘private bank' levels of service...

Client Affairs
6 September 2021

What's New In Investments, Funds? - BNP Paribas AM

The latest offerings in investments, such as funds and structured products, and other notable...

Client Affairs
2 September 2021

Charities Find Support To Repurpose Dormant Trusts

No-one likes funds sitting idle, and the UK Charity Commission has identified a large pot of money...

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Client Affairs
1 May 2020

COVID-19 And ESG Data: Spotting Cracks Before The Quake

How far can country ESG data help identify potential fissures and predict a country's capacity to...

Client Affairs
2 April 2020

The Lockdown: How Wealth Managers Are Coping

For a sense of the immediate impact of the health crisis on wealth managers as they meet client and...

Client Affairs
17 March 2020

UK's "Golden Visas" - Reflections On Tribunal Ruling

A recent tribunal case in the UK suggests the authorities are hostile, or at least not very...

Client Affairs
29 January 2020

Protecting The Client: Digital Footprints, Offshore Leaks - The View From Taylor Wessing

We talk to a major law firm about some of the issues that arise around the topic of "protecting the...

Client Affairs
24 January 2020

Protecting The Client: Why It's Much More Than Guarding Money

This news service is looking at a variety of topics that collectively come under the title of...

Client Affairs
20 December 2019

Suits You, Sir - How Wealth Managers Must Approach "Suitability" In Future

The need to ensure that investments are suitable for clients continues to be as important as ever,...

Client Affairs
12 December 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Protecting The Client

Here is the latest video discussion from ClearView. ...

Client Affairs
20 September 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Geopolitics And Rule Of Law

We get into the "big picture" of geopolitics, the rule of law, stable property rights and the "good...

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22 July 2019

The Fiercely Competitive World Of Elite International Schools

A look at how one private school in Switzerland is staying on top of a changing world. ...

Client Affairs
5 April 2019

Programme Steers Family Businesses Around Wealth, Ownership Challenges

The programme, held in Cambridge, is designed to educate HNW and UHNW families in a private...